Terms and Conditions

These conditions relate to the access and use of the platforms  www.independant.tv  and  https://camp.myskillcamp.com/fr/camp/SXpCVGhMZ3JidXRyK3pIVS9USEFQQT09  by Users for the distance training described in the article « OBJECT »Of the General Conditions of Sale.

This document, hereafter “General Conditions of Sale” (“GTC”), applies to all e-learning courses offered by  www.independant.tv  and subject to an order from client.
Placing an order implies the Customer’s full and unreserved acceptance of these general conditions of sale and the legal notices presented on the website.

The User acknowledges for this purpose that, prior to the signing of the order form, he has received sufficient information and advice from  www.independant.tv , allowing him to ensure the adequacy of the service offer to its needs.
www.independant.tv  reserves the right to revise these general conditions at any time. The changes only apply to new sales, however.

The training and other materials sold are described as precisely as possible by  www.independant.tv  so as to avoid any unpleasant surprise or disappointment for the User. These descriptions can be found on the “Video training” page of the website  www.independant.tv  as well as in the introduction to each training.

Access to the training courses ordered are valid for the duration specified when ordering and are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. There is no limitation on the duration of each connection, except for possible breakdowns or technical specificities of the internet network and student connection.

The price per training is indicated on each training description.
All prices are indicated in euros. They do not bear VAT because the company,  www.independant.tv , is registered under the VAT exemption regime.

All training must be fully paid for access. This payment must take place when ordering.

In the case of a bank payment, the training will be open upon receipt of payment, which can take 2 to 4 days. The User can send proof of payment by email via  [email protected]  to speed up this access procedure.

The training offered is accessible on desktop and laptop computers as well as on tablets and phones of all formats using an Internet connection.
The minimum technical capacity necessary to follow the training is equivalent to watching a video on Youtube.

Order process

After selecting the training course (s) of his choice, the User accesses the shop or the basket to confirm his order. At this time, he fills out a form containing:

  • his first name,
  • her last name
  • (possibly the name of his company and / or his VAT number)
  • the country in which he resides
  • his address and the city in which he resides (or those of his company’s head office)
  • his telephone number
  • his email address
  • as well as a confidential password

he chooses his method of payment: via Paypal or by bank transfer and confirms that he has read these General Conditions of Sale.

The User then receives an email confirming the creation of his account and an email confirming the receipt of his order.

Payment and termination of the order

In the case of payment by credit card,  the User is invited to enter his credit card number, the expiration date of the card and the CVV code presented on the back of the card and then to confirm the payment.

In the case of a bank transfer, the order is « completed » once payment has been received on the account of  www.independant.tv  :
• Account holder:  www.independant.tv
• Bank: CBC
• Account number: 732043448371
• IBAN: BE49 7320 4344 8371

It therefore takes a period of 2 to 4 days for the completion of the order and the opening of the training. The User is notified by email of this opening.

The client has a 14-day waiver period from the   opening day of the training.
If he is not satisfied with the training purchased, all he has to do is send an email with the customer information he received when ordering, to  [email protected]  to obtain a refund.

The User undertakes to inform  www.independant.tv  within 24 hours of any technical malfunction, by telephone or by email ( [email protected] ).

www.independant.tv  undertakes to remedy any technical malfunction within 24 working hours and to extend the duration of access to training by the period of unavailability.

Nevertheless,  www.independant.tv  cannot be held responsible for connection difficulties in the event of a break in internet access or a broken connection, in particular due to force majeure, power outages, interruptions linked to third party providers, hosts and access providers.

www.independant.tv  reserves the right to carry out any maintenance operation on its server and will endeavor to limit the interruption of the service to the strict minimum and to notify the Customer at least 24 hours in advance.

The User undertakes not to claim compensation on this basis and also declares to accept both the characteristics and the limits of the service provided by  www.independant.tv .

www.independant.tv  alone holds the intellectual rights relating to the training it provides; so that all of the educational supports, whatever the form (paper, digital, oral…) used within the framework of the order, remains its exclusive property.

The User agrees not to reproduce, directly or indirectly, in whole or in part, to adapt, modify, translate, represent, market or distribute to third parties the course materials or other educational resources made available. at its disposal without the express written authorization of  www.independant.tv  or its assigns.

The User also refrains from sharing, assigning or reselling the identifiers that have been delivered to him by electronic means.
In the event of loss of his identifiers, the User undertakes to inform  www.independant.tv  without delay.

The User can only use the material, methods and tools made available by  www.independant.tv  only for the purposes stipulated in the order.

www.independant.tv  reserves the right:
– to refuse any registration from a User for legitimate and non-discriminatory reason, and in particular to refuse any order from a User with whom there is a dispute relating to the payment of a previous order.
– to suspend access to an e-learning training module, any User who has made false declarations during registration, without compensation;
– to exclude and prosecute a User who contravenes the rules set out in the previous paragraph entitled « confidentiality and intellectual property ».

www.independant.tv  implements personal data processing for the sole purpose of managing registrations and training follow-up.
The information requested is necessary for the processing of the User’s registration and is exclusively intended for the services of  www.independant.tv .

Any dispute that has not been settled amicably will be subject to Belgian law and brought before the competent courts of the Belgian judicial system.